About Us

LEIDI Group-a professional sales and service provider of underground pipeline management and testing products was established in Hong Kong in 1991. It has always been committed to providing high-quality, high-tech and safe and applicable advanced instruments and equipment for underground pipeline management. Provide comprehensive technical solutions. LEIDI products are widely used in water supply, heating, drainage, gas, petrochemical, power, telecommunications, trenchless and other industries. In the drainage industry, the advanced instruments and equipment introduced by LEIDI have greatly improved the mechanization and modernization of municipal maintenance; in the water supply industry, the advanced leak detection equipment of LEIDI is becoming more and more popular, and the leak management solutions fully developed by the company have greatly reduced Poor production and sales of water supply companies have increased the increasingly tense utilization of water resources; in the field of underground pipeline management in power, telecommunications and other industries, LEIDI has also achieved remarkable results and created huge commercial value for customers.

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